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twilight ⦿ [VRCFT]

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any bugs in previews are already fixed/will not be present in release version
for the tights the tattoo will see through on the waist, because of material settings this has to stay

update; quest pro specific version added to world and vrcft package, second vrcft package avail (different from public version)

THERE IS A MODIFIED TEST VERSION OF THIS AVATAR IN MY PUBLIC WORLD HERE! It is not the full avatar, and does not contain most of the features you will get in the original version(non vrcft). WORLD LINK

As always please be sure to read thoroughly on what will/won't be included before purchasing. On release I will have exactly listed what she is capable of, if it isn't here then chances are high it won't be part of her features. If you are curious about anything please ask me in my discord before purchasing.

Rating is majorly appreciated! If for any reason you feel she isn't worth 5 stars based on what is listed in the sale post(any issues you might find basically) please contact me on discord with any issues you might have and I will try my best to fix them!

twilight ; ✧Features

Fullbody + GoGo Locomotion
• Includes a Good Rating version for vrc events!(includes pants toggle!) [preview here]
• VRCFT/Unified Expressions included!
• Made with UV Tile Discard(Poiyomi feature) for optimization! Also made with Direct Blend Trees for animation optimization! (More details here!)
• Physbones
• Headpat/Boop Avatar Contacts
• Multiple Gestures!
• Cute Idle/Tail Animation
• Audiolink on almost all emissions!
• Heavy style customization

Includes several versions; Full (With MMD Shapekeys), Full (Without MMD Shapekeys), Good Rating, and VRCFT compatible version in a seperate package. Some MMD worlds use both normal vrc and traditional MMD shapekeys, so depending on the world they will stack and look weird. iY MMD World in particular does use both, so if you frequent that world often I suggest using the version without MMD Shapekeys.
All versions are compatible with VRChat's Native Eye Tracking using Unified Expressions, no extra blender/unity setup required.
Here is a preview of VRChat's Native Eye Tracking on Quest Pro with VRCFaceTracking active;

(You will still need a Eye Tracking compatible headset/program as well as VRC Face Tracking setup if necessary. If this is a feature you plan on using, please join their discord for further setup help.)
Face Tracking will only work on the VRCFT specfic version, as it uses 160 parameters to function properly, making it incompatible with the other versions as of this listing. If you wish to try it out there is a public test version of the face tracking prefab(same model without sample) that includes Unified Expressions FT in my world here.

Other headsets/software are more expressive, I don't have them to test. Please try out the public version in my world to see on your end.

If you're using face tracking for the first time, please check out the Discord as well as

○ Clothing;

  • Sweater, Tied Shirt, Bra, Shorts, Pants, Under, Sleeves, Corset, Leg Garter, Shoes, Socks, Tights, Glasses, Mask, Rings, Bat Bag, Necklaces, Neck Collar, Harness
  • Shirt + Sleeves Black/White Toggle, Black/White Underclothing Toggle, Sweater Stripe option + Pastel/Saturated/Grey/White with Hue Slider, Pants Regular + Spooky design , Pants Pastel/Saturated/Grey with Hue Slider, Black/White Additional (Horns/Glasses/Harness/Garter/Neck Collar). Socks Default/Saturated/Grey/White/Black Toggles with Hue Slider. Horn/Shirt Emission Toggle/Slider.

○ Hair/Skin;

  • Front and Back Hair Toggles. Front Strands 1,2, Big Strand, SIde Swish, Bangs Swish, Bangs Length Slider. Back Long Hair, Long Pony, Short Pony, Back + Side Braid. Default Hair Color/Darker Color/ White/ Black Hair. Default Emission/Saturated Emission/RGB Emission. Hair Audiolink Toggle. Mono Hair Toggle. Skin tone slider. Heterochromia Eye Hue Slider. Vampire Skin (Works best on lightest skintone), Vampire Eyes toggle.(Heterochromia works). Tattoo Hue Radial, Tattoo Toggle.

○ Other;

  • Tail Length, Tail Toggle, Ear Position Toggle, Ear Toggle, Elf Ears Toggle. Trail Toggle. Breast + Butt Size Slider.


ⁿᵒ ʳᵉᵘˢᵉ

All work and design are by myself. Ears, Pants, Sleeves, Necklaces, Harness, Shirt, Sweater, Nails Design, Texture edits, Part of Trail, Head by me(Heavily edited from my original head) {apyrvr} License for reuse to be sold possibly after avatar release.
╭────────── ♱ · 𓆩🤍𓆪 · ♱ ─╮

✘ THE MOST AWESOME PERSON; bellerina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
✘ Mask; aikavr
✘ Long Hair/Pony/Bangs; Saikura {Heavy edit by me ничто#6666, NO REUSE} google#9924Texture; Cicieaaa#7777 {UV AND TEX EDIT BY ME, NO REUSE ALLOWED}
✘ Undergarments; JorgenVRC {Edit by me ничто#6666, NO REUSE}
✘ Shorts; Peachanas
✘ Shoes; Kaycee
✘ Horn/Trail; Xxuebi @VRChat_雪械重工 / bunky#0001
✘ Rings/Chain/Glasses; KOLD.#7777 / World_vr / World_vr
✘ Body/Teeth/Texture/Eye; Sugs#9795 / ying.vr or yang.vr / Lazy The Cat WetCat {Heavy edit by me ничто#6666, NO REUSE}
✘ Nosering/Heart Gesture; yuena#1004
✘ Bell Choker/Earring/Leg; nauuki
✘ Arm Corset Piercing; Ante#5652
✘ Tail; JinxieWinks
✘ GoGoLoco; franda
✘ VRCFT Template; Adjerry91
✘ VRCFury; TayouVR
✘ Poiyomi; poiyomi#0001
╰─ ♱ · 𓆩🤍𓆪 · ♱ ──────────╯


[𝕋𝕖𝕣𝕞𝕤 𝕠𝕗 𝕊𝕖𝕣𝕧𝕚𝕔𝕖]

No assets or parts are allowed for personal or commercial use, purchase items' license from original owners. Please do not share this package with those who have not purchased, if you run into issues please contact me first and I will try my best to help you fix it. No making avatar public. No claiming product/design as your own.

Use for media/streams is allowed with a link to this gumroad listing somewhere visible, this includes using any parts of mine for streaming and media. Editing model for personal use is allowed.

[𝕀𝕟𝕤𝕥𝕣𝕦𝕔𝕥𝕚𝕠𝕟𝕤] [PC]
This model is NOT quest compatible on its' own and will require knowledge and/or plugins on how to convert it to be quest capable. I will not be setting this up or including it as an option in the future.

It is always recommended when you add any new model to your Unity each have their own project, it helps avoid the majority of issues you might run into. If there are any errors please be sure to start a fresh, clean project for this model using the instructions below.

╭────────── ♱ · 𓆩🤍𓆪 · ♱ ─╮

☆ Create Avatars Project [Unity 2019.4.31f1] using the VRChat Creator Companion.
☆ Install included Poiyomi.
☆ Import twilight Package last. [USE THE VRCFT PACKAGE IN A DIFFERENT PROJECT!!]
☆ Click the "Open Me" scene under -apyr.
☆ Choose your version and upload!
Top of Unity, VRChat SDK> Show Control Panel> Build and Publish
╰─ ♱ · 𓆩🤍𓆪 · ♱ ──────────╯

Discord; apyrvr
Discord server; ⭑ 𝕛𝕠𝕚𝕟 ⭑

If you've made it this far and are interested in giving feedback for future projects, please contact me on my discord to leave your thoughts! Each project I do I aim to be better at optimizing while getting better with design as a whole, so all input is appreciated!

( . .)
( づ♡ ⁿᵒᵗᵉˢ⭒

Please contact for any issues!

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twilight ⦿ [VRCFT]

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