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{apyr} Sweetheart Pigtails [SPECIAL EDITION]

15 ratings

Please read before purchasing.

Head used in preview here.
Uses Cicieaaa's hair textures here.

⃤ 27,480 TRI (FBX)

Includes material and physbone prefab unity package for reference(such as in the video). Please use newest Poiyomi prior to installing.

SPECIAL EDITION ONLY; LIMITED TO 25 PEOPLE This version includes a unique variant of the hair with a fringe tied back.

Also included; cute devil wing headband with bows! includes normal map and texture.

Because this version is marked as limited, when you sell it on a completed model you are given the option of letting others use it as well for their projects. Please be sure to clarify in your TOS if it is allowed or not. (They will still have to purchase the original license to be able to use on a commercial model.)

For any 3d modeling use!

Resale allowed on finished sale model, no distribution unless on finished sale model. Not allowed to be on leaked models in any form. (This is purely my discretion so if you somehow do not feel comfortable then do not purchase or use.) You know what leaking is, if you are doing it I will file a report.


Please credit apyr when use!

All of my products are non-refundable.

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{apyr} Sweetheart Pigtails [SPECIAL EDITION]

15 ratings
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